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September 2nd @ 7pm and 3rd @ 3pm

Lincoln Hall Studio Theater @ PSU

our singers

our singers

the songs

[click on underlined titles to read the text]

Corpus Christi Carol

Anonymous text     Music by Benjamin Britten

Salley Gardens

Text by W. B. Yeats     Arranged by Benjamin Britten

Walt Whitman in 1989

Text by Perry Brass     Music by Chris DeBlasio

Over My Head

African American Spiritual     Arranged by Clayton White

Heart, we will forget him

Text by Emily Dickinson     Music by Aaron Copland

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Text by Robert Frost     Music by Samuel Barber

I'm Nobody! Who are You?

Text by Emily Dickinson     Music by Ricky Ian Gordon


When my soul touches yours

Text by Rainer Maria Rilke     Music by Leonard Bernstein

If I...

Text by Emily Dickinson     Music by Lori Laitman

Only After Stonewall

Text by Elaine Sexton     Music by Paula M. Kimper


Baffled for Just a Day or Two

Text by Emily Dickinson     Music by JL Marlor

I Want to Be Soft

Text and music by Lisa Neher

Long Goodbye

Text and music by Maria Thompson Corley

Love, Let the Wind Cry

Text by Sappho     Music by Undine S. Moore



Text by Anne Frank     Music by Juliana Hall


Text by Anne Frank     Music by Juliana Hall

Marriage Equality

Text by Elaine Sexton     Music by Laura Kaminsky

Why do they shut me out of heaven?

Text by Emily Dickinson     Music by Aaron Copland

the art songs

production team

Chuck Dillard

Founder and Artistic Director

Rebecca Herman

Stage Director

Celine Clark

Production Assistant

Jace Meyer-Crosby

Consent and Intimacy Workshop Facilitator

Ronnie Rantis

Lighting Designer

Richard Poppino

Videographer and photographer

Anwyn Willette

Recording Engineer

production team
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