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September 17 and 18 at 7pm - Opera Scenes

September 18 at 2pm - Songs

Lincoln Hall Studio Theater @ PSU




Albert Herring

Albert Herring

Sid (Oliver Schulenburg) is a teasing, amorous young lad who enjoys telling stories of how he courts the boys around town. Albert (Jeremy Sivitz) is a naïve shop worker who has lived his life under his mum's oppressive gaze. Jamie (Andrew Egbuchiem) is Sid's current love interest, and enjoys a bit of flirty double entendre. Once the three get together, it inspires Albert to muse about what could be possible if he were able to get away, with an interruption from schoolgirl Emmie (Carolyn Quick).



Susannah (Frances Bigelow) has just returned home from a church square dance still beaming with excitement. Her friend Little Bat (Katya Powder) isn’t quite so excited, since they are worried about running into Susannah’s brother Sam. They remark to the innocent Susannah about how the men were definitely taking notice of her at the dance, although she brushes off the remarks. Instead, her thoughts shift to her own life and what could be possible beyond the mountains.

The Times are Nightfall

The Times are Nightfall

"The Times Are Nightfall" is the queer sequel to Mozart's "Don Giovanni." In this noir-style one-act, Anna and Elvira are coping with the aftermath of the events that have transpired as a result of Don Giovanni's treachery. The opera explores themes of rape culture and grief through the lens of two women who find solace in the most unexpected place: one another. (from the composer and librettist)

Roméo et Juliette

Roméo et Juliette

It is the morning after their secret marriage and the young lovers are enjoying each other's intimate company. Romeo (Lisa Neher) hears the morning bird song calling her away but Juliet (Madeleine Tran) tells her to stay. Once she eventually departs, Juliet prays for the angels to protect her.



Prior to this scene, Nedda (Angelica Hesse) has been pursued by two men. Her actual lover enters, Silvio (Oliver Schulenburg), and asks her to run away with him. She hesitates and he believes it is because she does not truly love him. Eventually she relents, agreeing to flee with him and the two confirm their love to one another.



Through a chance encounter, the chevalière Des Grieux (Carolyn Quick) meets Manon (Taylor Hulett), becomming immediately smitten. Instead of their respective journeys - Manon's to a convent and Des Griuex's back home - they decide to go to Paris, together.

La bohème

La bohème

Rodolfo and Marcello reflect on their loneliness before Colline and Schaunard bring a meager meal. To lighten their spirits, the four stage a dance before Masetto bursts in with news that Mimì is outside. As Rodolfo runs to her aid, Masetto relates how Mimì begged to be taken to Rodolfo to die. Left alone, the couple recalls their first happy meeting, but she is seized with violent coughing. When the others return, Musetta gives Mimì a muff to warm her hands but it is not enough.



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Morning Opens by Jennifer Higdon

sung by Madeleine Tran

Prayer by Leslie Adams

sung by Andrew Egbuchiem

Sonnet: I Know My Mind by Margaret Bonds

sung by Carolyn Quick

From the Ashes She Became by Melissa Dunphy

sung by Lisa Neher

Heavenly Grass by Paul Bowles

sung by Wyatt Jackson

Open-Mouthed Gemini by Poe M. Allphin

sung by Jessie Bodell


Seascape by Benjamin Britten

sung by Jeremy Sivitz


Lift Me Into Heaven Slowly by Libby Larsen

sung by Angelica Hesse

Silhouette by Leonard Bernstein

sung by Maeve Stier

At a Dinner Party by Hope Salmonson

sung by Oliver Schulenburg

Snake by Jake Heggie

sung by Taylor Hulett

Will There Really Be a Morning? by Ricky Ian Gordon

sung by Francis Bigelow

Solitaire by Rosśa Crean

sung by Katya Powder

production team

production team

Chuck Dillard

Founder and Artistic Director

Rebecca Herman

Stage Director

Kathleen Edwards

Stage Manager

Celine Clark

Assistant Stage Manager/Production Assistant

Ronnie Rantis

Lighting Designer

Jena Slater

Wardrobe Coordinator

Zach Putnam


Anwyn Willette

Recording Engineer

Richard Poppino


Emmett VanVactor-Lee

Intimacy and Consent Workshop Facilitator/Choreographer

musical ensemble

Nyle Matsuoka

Lou DeMartino

Jonathan Villegas

musicl ensemble
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